What to Expect from Content Marketing in 2017?

  • Dec 31, 2016

  • by Prarthana Varma

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What to Expect from Content Marketing in 2017?

Here are a few changes or developments that one can expect in the field of content marketing in 2017:

Content Marketing > Traditional Marketing

It has become evident that 2017 would be the year for online content marketing. Various established brands that were missing out on their online ventures have marked their presence this year and they are expected to roll out more online campaigns so as to capitalise on the digital consumer.

Better Creative Formats

As of now, most of the online content that’s been pushed out has been in forms of mailers, blogs or social media posts i.e. mostly long form. It is evident now is that users have a very short attention span which means: the content being published should be short form and interactive. Video content including GIFs have proven to be the best attention seekers, so one might want to leverage those in 2017 too.

Live Streaming

Users are getting more inclined towards the insights of their favorite brand; they want to know the story behind products and wish to interact with the celebrities who endorse these brands. Be it movie promotions, fashion products or technology; live streaming has opened up a new dimension of audience interaction..

Niche Targeting

People always like being addressed in person- they want their problems to be unique and expect to have custom solutions catered to them. For example, there are numerous posts about ‘how to increase Facebook outreach’ but there are very few that address the outreach issues of a local fast food chain that hopes to attract more visitors to their joints. Addressing niche problems with niche solutions might get you an edge over competitors.

Native Advertising

The concept of push messages has been struggling a lot lately and it might get replaced with native advertising. Nobody likes ads popping in their window; it tends to take away the concentration from the content. Additionally, ad blockers make it tough to reach consumers via banners, pop-up, paid ads and pop-unders. A lot of consumers have adopted the measures of ad blockers now which gives push messages two options; evolve or die.

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