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Sep 22, 2017 | Web Analytics | Saurabh Kumar

Migrating Web Analytics Tags to a Tag Manager

Migrating a web analytics tag manager can be as daunting as a new tag implementation on the entire site. On large sites, implementing a tag manager like GTM may impose serious challenges, if not implemented correctly. However, migrating to a tag manager is well worth the ride.
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Mar 06, 2017 | Web Analytics | Rakhi Chowdhary

Toughest web analytics problems faced

Web analytics has been a key component of my role here at envigo. While we work on generating greater return for the dollar, accurate and reliable web analytics remains the key tool for control and optimisation of any campaign.
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Sep 05, 2016 | Web Analytics | Saurabh Kumar

Is it time for a Web Analytics Audit?

Given the importance of web analytics data, it is essential to conduct a web analytics audit every year. An agile & effective web analytics audit can contribute immensely to reliability of data, without enumerating the many benefits to the overall business.
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May 10, 2014 | Web Analytics | Prarthana Varma

Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics: Why is it so important for marketers?

A marketing ROI calculation needs to have a method of assigning credit for a goal conversion (sale, conversion, form submit or any such goal) to one or more touch points in the user path. A user path usually has more than one touch point. It gets interesting as many of these touch points are supported by marketing dollars.
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Apr 09, 2014 | Web Analytics | Prarthana Varma

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Google Analytics

Universal analytics is out of beta. Google recommends everyone to migrate to UA. It has a number of awesome features. But before you completely migrate to universal analytics, it is recommended that you run UA parallel with Classic GA for a few weeks to test all your configurations. This is because once you have implemented UA, there is no way back.
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