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Gear up for Mobile App marketing

You are successful in creating a highly usable Mobile App with nice display, easy navigation and great features. But many a times after weeks of launching the App one doesn’t get the desired results. Let alone the installs, there are not even enough visitors.
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Why Native Apps Win Over Hybrid Apps

Before starting on your app design, ask yourself these important questions – Do you wish to create an app which provides an optimum user experience, or do you wish to create a Minimum Viable Product that you can put out on the market as quickly as possible? Based on your answer, you can opt to develop either a native app or a hybrid one.
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Sep 28, 2015 | Mobile Applications | Luv Arora

5 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile applications are paving way for all kinds of exciting and new business ideas as being extremely popular at the moment. The most important thing when developing an app would be having the right approach.
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Is App-only the Way to go?

Myntra, a leading online fashion store which is now owned by Flipkart, India’s largest ecommerce player, went app-only on 15-May. It stated that 90% of its sales and 75% of its visitors were from mobile. Since then, there have been reports that its sales dropped 10% on the back of that move. Notwithstanding the drop in sales of Myntra, Flipkart is also considering a mobile only presence very soon. Flipkart seems to be moving very fast in the mobile product space in order to create a leadership position.Ola, a taxi provider, has also gone app only since August . Ola’s share of mobile transactions was at 99% when it went app only!
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Loitr – A Mobile Authentication Technique

As the answer to the problems discussed last time, Appavatar has created a concept, ‘Loitr’ , a smart phone application that will enable to authenticate with mobiles. This application lets users of a service authenticate themselves to it without having the need to remember or type their login credentials instead they can authenticate by simply pointing the cameras of their phones to their computer screens. Loitr works with QRs thus reducing the cost to minimum as compared to NFC. Therefore, Loitr is not a password manager as there is no use of username and password in the entire system.
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Need for Mobile Authentication

Mobile authentication doesn’t mean much if one were to look around for it. What it can mean in the way the name sounds is, anyone can authenticate themselves to anywhere using their phone. I don’t even mean password managers, because these are files on mobile containing the passwords locked under one more password. Before proceeding with the benefits of Mobile Authentication, first there needs to be an answer why is it required.
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Web/app development across platforms!

2011 was an exciting year for web/application developers at Envigo. The driver was the growth in the mobile and social web. Several studies and statistics pointed at the new customer playgrounds – places where customers were spending a lot of their time. Clients finally started to take the plunge. Better still, clients agreed to extend a campaign’s touch-points into the mobile and social domains.
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iPhone applications and their ROI

Every one who wants to make it big developing Iphone apps needs to know how much money the existing 200,000 applications are making. I came across a survey of 96 iphone developers and wanted to summarise the post here.
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Is your roadmap mobile-friendly?

We believe that we live in a world which does a lot of things on the internet, and very soon, will be doing most of it, on mobile. Can you imagine the look you will get if you tell a business partner that you do not have email? Just a few years ago, it would not have raised eyebrows. Customers are getting onto the mobile bus in droves. In the US, data usage of mobile phones has surpassed voice. In India, mobile operators are busy bidding for the 3G licenses. Apparently, they want to use the 3G bandwidth for 2G phones, because they are starved of spectrum.
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